Lawnmowers – How to Buy the Right Lawn Mower for Your Garden

Lawnmowers are really useful for garden and patio. Are you looking to buy some of this many models of lawnmowers ? Then you are on the right place. When you want to buy a new lawn mower, you must know which one is the best for your yard. In a market which is rich with various models of lawn movers every new buyer is in the dilemma when he have to choose which one of many lawnmowers is the right for his yard and which one will make his lawn seamlessly. Our experience in servicing and maintenance of such machines for more than 20 years can with useful advice facilitate your search for those models that will be just perfect for you. First what you need to decide is how you want to maintain your lawn. If it is only properly maintained surface or you expect a little bit more of it’s appearance.

Which one is the best for your yard ?

In the first case, commonly are used lawnmowers with side ejection. The good side is the speed of their work. They do not waste time to empty the tank because the cut grass is scattered on the lawn. If you regularly cut the grass it is in this way sufficiently fragmented. After mowing there are no unsightly residues, and also it is used for feeding as a natural fertilizer. The bad side is that it is so suffocating the lawn and it facilitates the creation of moss on the soil surface. For users who want better look of their lawn, will be more appropriate selection of lawnmowers that has the ability to collect cut grass. There won’t be ugly remains, because almost all the grass will be collected in a container (basket). You should keep in mind that it kind of lawnmowers is slower than working with side ejection.

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Because after you have a basket filled with grass you will have to take it up to a place that you designated for disposal, and only then continue with work. In the case of large areas of grassland, especially in early season mowing in spring when the grass is very thick and juicy, while the collection, after each mowing you can have a considerable amount of cut grass and you should provide enough space for its disposal. A third possibility is the so-called mulching when there is no side ejection neither collection of grass, but the grass which is affected and cut with a knife, due to the specific air flow, is raising manifold to the knife, and quite fragmented is falling below the lawnmowers to the ground serving as a natural fertilizer. This mode makes sense only if the grass is cut regularly, otherwise it can choke the lawnmowers.

There are many different models of lawnmowers on market

There are models that integrate all three of these features, but in choosing such a model you should be careful with priorities. Because the best results are in a single operation since it is, because of the specificity of each of them, impossible to be done each equally well. After selecting the operating mode you can approach selecting a specific mode. The most common mistake that users do is select a lawnmowers and its evaluation solely according to engine power. The engine really is one of the most important components on the lawnmowers, but it certainly should not be viewed separately from the other parts that make him whole. Due to strict legal standards on the permissible quantity of emissions today on the lawn are usually installed four-stroke engines. There are several major motor manufacturers in the world of which the most biggest are Briggs & Stratton and Honda. These engines are installing almost all manufacturers of lawnmowers. These engines are very reliable and with careful maintenance.

Worth Lawn Mower
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They can effortlessly for years be the heart of your mower. Experience has shown that when choosing a new model buyers should pay particular attention to the performance of enclosures, wheels and handles. Only enclosure should integrate what is apparently contrary to the demands – massiveness. If you want greater durability and less weight for easier handling practice has shown that the best performance is of thick sheet steel, preferably galvanized for corrosion resistance, or cast aluminum. In this case, you can be sure that it will withstand any vibration and all mechanical stress, and it will last for years. For wheels is very important to be with bearings. Because of ease of pushing and resisting all loads that may occur due to irregularities on the lawn. In the case of bad selection it is possible that after a season or two you will have a machine with the engine that will work well, but too thin enclosure will begin to shoot because of mechanical stresses , and will stagger the wheels. Costs to repair these defects are the most financially non profitable. For users who have a large lawn area very useful feature of lawnmowers is the self-propelled lawn movers.

Himal Lawn Mower

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In this case the mower does not need to be pushed, because she pulls herself, so you just need to manage its operations. The drive is available in the front and rear wheels, but due to their different design and management. It is impossible to give an unambiguous assessment of the advantages of one over the other. What we can certainly say is that the rear-wheel drive has the advantage on the terrains with a slope. Because there is less possibility of traction of drive wheels. If you want to use the mower on slopes greater than 15 degrees, because of the proper engine lubrication it is essential that it is equipped with pressure lubrication. Choosing a quality enclosure and wheels with a reliable engine you will get in all the details a well balanced mower. These lawnmowers will serve you well for years and quality perform a work for which is intended.


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