Black and Decker CM1936 19-inch buying guide and review

Black and Decker CM1936 19-inch, 36 volt Cordless Lawn Mower, provides more than enough strength and convenience to make mowing the lawn less of a chore, and more of an afterthought. The high performance mower gives the operator the freedom to keep their yard well-kept and tended, while at the same time not being forced to smell like gasoline, or have a sore shoulder from a pull-start engine.

It’s the Power That Saves the Time

The strong and energy-efficient motor in the CM1936 can provide enough power to mow 1/3 acre on a single charge. The easy to replace battery also makes charging easy. Aside from being powerful, the motor meets all current energy-saving standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With no emissions to pollute your yard with, the Black and Decker power source is Energy Star Qualified, guaranteeing you a standard of energy and money savings.

Black and Decker CM1936 19-inch
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No-Pull Starts and Quiet Running

A large reason for the popularity of the electric engine mowers, aside from the reduced emissions, is the ease of starting. Since the mower does not require any gasoline, the old Pull-Start engines that generated so much noise, are being replaced by these, much quieter and easier to handle, yet just as powerful mowers. A simple key turn, and pull on the handle, and the motor starts with little effort. Once it is running, the quiet operation and ease of use means that you can mow the lawn anytime while not troubling the neighbors. If either of the levers acquires released, or even the connection is actually broken, next your motor simply will certainly not start, preventing any chance of harm.

Storage and Charging

With the quick-easy to remove the battery pack of lawn mower, storing and charging the lawn is surprisingly efficient. Remove the battery pack and the frame folds for upright and space-saving storage. The battery can be completely removed and charged separate from the mower. Extra batteries can be purchased separately to extend running time, to help you tackle larger yards without having to re-charge.

Leave Nothing Behind

Saving a step, the mower is equipped for mulching the cuttings to help feed and fertilize as you mow. The length of the lawn can also be easily adjusted by setting the wheel height. The Black and Decker CM1936 36-volt electric Mower is covered by a two year guarantee, and is available through various online stores, for a listing of the best deals visit

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