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Earthwise Lawn Mowers are efficient, quiet and easy to handle, with ergonomic controls, single lever cutting height and simple discharge of collectors. The largest models have variable speed. Electric mowers have a minimal impact on the environment. These are effective machines that move quietly and are equipped with solid collectors. We definitely recommend Earthwise lawn mowers models as your right choice.

Earthwise Electric Lawn Mower
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Not only is the first electric mower but it’s our first time mowing period. If I knew it was the easy I would have let our lawn crew go a while ago. Ready to use out of the box with maybe 2 minutes of assembly period. This thing is flat, cuts the grass beautifully and we would highly recommend it. Our lawn is pretty small and flat. Best of luck! Lawnmower is an, versatile, and easy-to-use tool. The single-lever height control, removable battery easy on/off mulch cap, and safety

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